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Weekends from 10:00am to 6:00pm at Rhodes School of Music starting Jan 2, 2016
Weekdays from 10:00am to 8:30pm at Rhodes School of Music starting Nov 1, 2017
Closed Jul 4, 2018
Independence Day
Closed Nov 22, 2018 – Nov 25, 2018
Closed Dec 22, 2018 – Jan 1, 2019
Holiday Break
Larchmont Village

Private Lessons


Mini-Music lessons give children (ages 3-5) the chance to explore the joys of music through drums, shakers, singing, and dancing! Basic beginning music concepts like rhythm, melody, tempo, pitch, and sound recognition are introduced through one-on-one time with a teacher. Basic instrument skills are also introduced on the piano, violin, ukulele, recorder, drums, and voice to help guide them to their favorite instrument. At age 5, most students will then be ready for private instruction on an instrument of their choice.

Mini-Music (45 mins.) $264No purchase required to enroll

Songwriting: 30 mins. $42 per appointmentPlans available from $176No purchase required to enroll

Trombone: 30 mins. $42 per appointmentPlans available from $176


Break No purchase required to enroll

Sick Pay

Sick Pay No purchase required to enroll

Make Up Lessons

*ADVANCED* DRUMS MAKE UP CLASS No purchase required to enroll

Program Classes

Piano for Parents $95Purchase required to enroll

Piano for parents is an entry-level class for any parent who has kids enrolled in music lessons. Parents will learn basic terminology, symbols, and notation of printed music to assist their students with practicing. Basic songs will be learned to give parents a working knowledge of the music learning process and practice strategies and tips will be covered. This hands-on music class will be a fun and useful way to engage more deeply in your student's musical activities and achievements.

Rock Band $175Purchase required to enroll

Join the band, and write songs with Joe Wong! Joe will work with students on drums, keyboards, guitars, basses, vocals, and other instruments to play music and write songs in a fun group setting. In five one-hour sessions students will hone their musicianship while exploring the people and culture behind the rich rock genre. Students work on writing, rehearsing, and performing their own songs and will discover the thrills of playing music as a team.

Guitar Ensemble $22 per classPlans available from $176No purchase required to enroll

Creative Ability Development No purchase required to enroll

Creative Ability Development (CAD) is a method which uses musical improvisation as a tool to develop the creative side of the brain. It's pedagogical purpose is to teach unique self expression or musicality. It's philosophical purpose is to develop the ethical character of artistry in every student, which is the search for, and expression of, truth and beauty. CAD teaches students how to create together and share ideas, and inspires in each student a non-competitive internal drive for excellence.

The method is based on research, which explains how the process of creativity works in the brain to solve problems. Using music as a language and improvisation as a tool, the method of CAD replicates this creative process through group games and solo exercises. Through disciplined practice of the CAD method, all students can develop their innate creative ability to a very high level.