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Lauren Davis


Lauren Michelle Davis is a Los Angeles based soprano, pianist, songwriter, lyricist, educator, and general noisemaker. A lover of all things unusual, Lauren has dedicated her life to creating honest, original music, helping other composers bring their own unique vision to life, and guiding younger artists through their own musical journeys. Lauren holds a BFA in Vocal Performance from California Institute of the Arts. She has three years of experience teaching voice and piano lessons, thirteen years of classical vocal training, and over twenty years playing piano.

As a classical vocalist, Lauren has lended her voice to a multitude of different projects. She regularly performs with the groundbreaking opera company THE INDUSTRY, and has appeared in HOPSCOTCH, NIMBUS, and the 2015 FIRST TAKE program. Her voice can also be heard on the recently released recording of Lewis Pesacov & Elizabeth Cline's THE EDGE OF FOREVER. Lauren collaborates regularly with Ensemble Vocatrix, an early music ensemble who is dedicated to performing the music of Hildegard von Bingen. Other recurring projects include Shvidkala, a Georgian (yes, the country) women's vocal ensemble, and ILEVENS, a microtonal dance rock band led by composer Brendan Byrnes, for whom she plays microtonal synth. This season, Lauren will be premiering the role of Blanche Barrow in Andrew McIntosh & Melinda Rice's chilling new opera BONNIE & CLYDE, which will be presented as the first installment of the THE INDUSTRY's new SECOND TAKE program.

Lauren's core songwriting outlet is Blackberry Tongues, a progressive rock (ish) quartet whose unique and bizarre music has taken many forms over the years. Their debut album We Are Open Mouths was born in January 2015. Their subsequent recording project, wallpaper music, is a series of self-recorded and produced 5 song movements, the first installment of which was released in July 2016. The next movement, called so in line, is set to emerge in early 2017. The band is also currently preparing to record their second full-length album. For more information, please visit www.lauren-michelle-davis.com.

Lauren Davis